Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday - FINALLY!!

So, like most women, I wear MANY different hats; Wife, Mother, Student, Football AD, and Author. Oh, not to mention, taxi driver, housekeeper, personal shopper, laundry washer, pet groomer, carpet shampooer, house painter, etc. etc. etc. 
So, today many of my 'hats' are all colliding into one giant mish mosh of OMG will this day ever end. And, it is only 9 AM. Even as I sit here, writing this post, my cell phone has blinged five times with new texts and I have three new emails! LOL. So, while I am getting everything ready for our teams Weigh Ins tomorrow morning at 6AM, I am also writing a paper for Cultural Anthropology, sending emails, sending texts, answering phone calls, and trying to work on my newest book... Actually, books. I have two in progress right now. There is a piece of me wondering WHY I choose to do all this, but the truth is I love my life. Even on crazy, chaotic, OMG Finally Friday's! 
Now, if only I could sneak in a shower! LOL

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