Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have you ever wondered...

Jeremy's Author Bio (Written by Aubrianna Hunter)

Wouldn't it be fun if...

As a child you're programmed to immediately respond to those words, and the excitement in the voice saying them, with enthusiasm and excitement of your own. That is the only logical explanation for this co-authoring project. In all seriousness, I had spoken to the man precisely one time... for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. The next morning, I have an email saying 'I have a great idea... call me'. So, what does it say about me that I did call him?

Jeremy Laszlo is... a little bit crazy, a lot enthusiastic, incredibly creative, highly driven, absurdly focused... Okay, let's be real. He's an insane, sarcastic, ex-marine task master. He doesn't sleep, unless it's to dream up a new story and call some unsuspecting author and drag her in on it before she even has a chance to comprehend what she's just agreed to.

Conveniently, it seems to be a perfect fit for me! I was raised by an ex-marine drill sergeant (Yes, I am aware that is something of a misnomer as there really are no ex-marines...once a marine always a marine), I am sarcastic in my own right and for the most part I can keep up with his insanity, or rather his drive. This works rather well as it means he cannot push me around when it comes to our books. We seem to be a good fit in many other ways as well, bringing out the best in each other. Whereas I focus mainly on characters, Jeremy is always focused on the story, on the details. The man's mind can create a tale so complex it makes your head spin. Since he can also keep up with my sarcasm, and doesn't mind my occasional outbursts (I'd like to think there is a medical reason, but alas there is not), we seem to be a match made in writer's heaven.

Writing this series has been a phenomenal experience, due in no small part to my partner in crime. We have had some rather strange discussions, tons of laughter, and somewhere in the middle of chaos a book appeared. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

Aubrianna’s Author Bio (Written by Jeremy Laszlo)

It began as a simple phone call that left me with an inspiration that sparked an idea that lit an inferno in my brain.  Though try as I might, sleep completely escaped me the night after I first spoke with Ted (that’s what I call her, and yes I named her after the bear as she sometimes says less than appropriate things).  A new story was born to me that night in vivid detail, but it was not mine alone to write.  I knew it deep in my gut that Spanky (yes I’ve called her that too) was meant to write this with me.  We needed to combine our writing abilities to write something better… No, something more… More than either of us could have created on our own before this experience.

Aubrianna is a Jedi master of snarky character creation.  Though before meeting her I would have never used the word ‘Snarky’,  you can blame her for that.  She writes with humor and sarcasm to match the best, and can write a sex scene that would make your weird uncle blush.  Yes that one.  Beyond that she is witty and intelligent and I was amazed to find another writer who can (almost) keep up with my pace.  She often joked about me putting my whip away.  But seriously, she writes erotica so we all know she likes the whip.

Though Twinkle Toes and I met only by chance (yes I call her that too….Ok, so I have a thing for nicknames), it felt like a natural partnership almost from day one.  We have discussed everything from smurfs in a blender, to under bed restraint systems and I am comfortable in saying you would be fortunate to meet a person as genuine as she is.  I cannot recall, in my entire life, ever meeting a person so comfortable with their own reality.

 After one singular conversation she inspired an entire series of books.  This experience has been so vastly eye opening to me that I cannot even hazard a guess as to where this might lead our writing adventures in the future.  I want to thank her, from the pit of my black soul, for taking my hand on this venture that would frighten lesser women, and thank you all for taking the time to join us on this journey.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Changes, changes, everywhere!

So... My previous publisher, Sugar and Spice Press, was kind enough to release my books from contract. That being the case, I am making a few rewrites to Strictly Business and Siochain, doing lots of editing on all three, and changing up the covers. Below is the new an improved cover for You Can't Go Home Again! They are going to be re-released under my new publisher Writer's Edge Publishing, within a couple weeks, hopefully. VERY EXCITED about this. 
In the meantime... Take a look at the new cover.....
We decided on a theme! LOL