Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Return to Hell.... I'm sorry, School!

So, as I sit here watching my poor daughter flip and flop on the sofa, trying in vain to fight off the fever that is plaguing her, I wonder if I am the only mother in the world that does NOT like the return to school! My kids have been back in school for two weeks. So far my son has missed two days and my daughter three. All from this wonderful virus that they brought home from the delightful petri dish that is a public school classroom. So, while many parents are glad to see the return of peace and quiet, I much prefer the noise and chaos that is summer... sleeping in, days at the pool, late nights and movies in the park. Tomorrow morning as my alarm screams 'WAKE UP', I will roll out of bed, drag myself into the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee and join my children in wishing for the return of summer. Or at least winter break!

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