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Link to Strictly Business at Amazon
This is a link to my newest release - "Strictly Business". This is my first and possibly only foray into the world of cowboys and ranchers. As much as I love to read about them, I didn't enjoy writing about them quite as much. However, you may see one more about the best friend in this book. I really loved Cody and may yet bring him back to find his own happy ending. 

Link to Siochain from Amazon
Siochain was the first book I wrote, the second one to be published. While Shane is not my favorite male lead, he is running a close second. And Bree is the type of woman I want to be when I grow up! LOL. With the passion between the two main characters, fireworks, both good and bad, are inevitable. Also, this book has a little twist to it. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. 

Link to You Can't Go Home Again at Amazon
This was the third book I wrote, although it was the first one published. Jace is far and away my favorite male lead. I just love him, damaged and all. He is an amazing balance of hard and soft, love and anger... with a slight edge to even his lovemaking. I would love to meet him in the flesh!

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