Monday, January 14, 2013

Cover change!

So, we have been messing with this cover for awhile, never quite satisfied with it. We even posted on Facebook to get some reader votes on a couple possibilities... And the consensus is in. We were on the right track, but made some changes. Below you will see the newest cover for Book 1 of The Beyond series I am co-authoring with Jeremy Laszlo. This book is due out supposedly the end of this month, although... It may be February... Depends on how fast we edit! LOL. Anyway, this is what to look for... 

Hidden Depths is NOW OUT!!!

Hey folks, check out Amazon to see my newest release... That little teaser I posted a month or so ago, the intro... Well, the book is now available. Let me tell you, if we are going with a warning for steam level, this one is definitely 5 Stars!! Cannot wait to hear what you all think! Feedback is MUCH appreciated. 


Hidden Depths - Amazon Link