Sunday, November 25, 2012

Collaboration equals cooperation

So, as an only child, I was never properly taught how to share. Not that this is news to anyone who knows me. To top it off, I am a classic Type A personality, a little on the dominant side. Okay, maybe more than a little.... 
Anyway, I am currently in the beginning stages of an attempt to work with another author. An author from a different genre all together. Different, as in my polar opposite. I write contemporary erotic romance. He... YES, he... writes YA fantasy with a paranormal bent. The only place we cross paths is in the paranormal. 
After one conversation, he had some weird thought that we would make a good team. Me, in my infinite wisdom, had a good 'vibe' and thought this would be a great idea! 
So, both of us, being the voices of practicality that we are, decided to dive right in... Literally. In a couple hours I had an introduction. An hour later he had a scene to add to it... And so it began. 
Now, since we had in no way discussed where we thought this should go, we went into our, now very obviously different, directions. LOL. 
Needless to say, several hours, much discussion, some random topic changes, and a little more detail later, we are at least writing the same book. 
If we can make this work, with the opposite views, the opposite sexes, and the totally different genres, it should end up being one hell of a story. 
Either that, or we'll kill each other! 

Friday, November 2, 2012


Since nothing that I want to pursue as a career requires, or even uses a Bachelors degree, I am sitting here wondering why the hell I am back in school. I am currently taking a Government class. I hated social studies in elementary school, in high school, and I still hate it now. I will not ever be involved in a career that puts me into the middle of politics, so there is really NO purpose for me taking this course except to meet some randomly designed curriculum. Please, someone explain to me how a degree in Complementary and Alternative Health needs a prerequisite of Government??? Oh yeah, and WHY am I back in school?