Monday, October 15, 2012

INTRO to my WIP - A teaser. 18 and over!!!

            He looked down at her, taking a moment to admire the view before him. Long black hair fanned out around her head. The red satin blindfold standing in stark contrast to her pale skin, only to be offset by the matching red of her lips. Her mouth was slightly agape, waiting for his next kiss, his next touch.
            Her hands and feet were bound with black fur cuffs, keeping her trapped in the spread eagle position, open to his view, ready to answer his every desire. Or so he could answer hers. He ran a gentle caress up her side, keeping his touch feather light. He saw the goose bumps rise all across her body, her nipples tightening once again into little pebbles, their color as red and rosy as her lips.
            She wasn't too skinny. Instead her lush body was curved in all the right places, offering softness to his hard planes. Supple, giving, her body drove him to madness. He looked lower, seeing the moisture pooling between her thighs, a clear signal that she was more than ready to receive him. He smiled, teasing her again with a little brush here, a touch there. He had kept her on the brink of orgasm for over hours, teasing her, bringing her right to the edge, then stopping.
            As he climbed up onto the bed, it shifted below her, causing her to gasp and wiggle her hips in anticipation. But this was his show, he was in control.
            "Be patient, love. I'm not quite done with you yet."
            A little whimper escaped her lips, bringing another smile to his.      
            He leaned forward, placing a kiss on her belly, and another a little lower, stopping to dip his tongue into her belly button. When she moaned softly, he bit down gently on her stomach, reaching his hand up to gently squeeze her breast. He moved further down, blowing on her mound, causing her hips to lift off the bed, seeking his tongue.
            Wanting to startle her, and feeling his own needs beginning to get the better of him, he pulled his mouth back, roughly thrusting one finger into her core. She cried out, trying to twist her hips, bring him deeper.
            "Please," she begged.
            "Please what?"
            "Please... let me come... I need to come."      
            "I know you do... and you will. Soon."
            She groaned, twisting and writhing against the sheets. Watching her, his shaft pulsed, releasing another drop from the already wet tip. He wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. He thrust his finger deeper, again and again, feeling her wet heat contract around his hand.
            Finally unable to withstand it anymore, he sat down onto his knees, lifting her hips and lining his cock up with her dripping entrance. He had wanted to spank her, to see her ass red from his hand. He'd wanted to taste her again.... now it was too late. He had to take her, hard and fast.
            He brushed the tip of his throbbing shaft against her wet slit, sliding up and down, brushing past her clit as she twisted against him. With one hard thrust he pushed inside her, burying himself to the hilt.
            At the feel of her wet heat surrounding him, he grit his teeth struggling not to come immediately. He raised one hand, pinching her nipple between his finger tips. She cried out, her sheath pulsing around him. As he felt her body tightening, on the precipice of the release he'd thus far denied her, he couldn't stop from thrusting into her. Again and again... harder, faster.
            The need to fuck her until she screamed overtook him and he gripped her hips, lifting them so he could drive into her with all his strength. When he felt her start to milk his shaft, her head thrown back as a scream tore from her throat, he couldn't stop his own release. He thrust once, then twice more, his seed shooting from him in hot bursts as he threw his head back and roared out his pleasure.
* * * *
            His eyes tore open, his hips still grinding against his cotton pajama bottoms as hot jets streamed from his body, release bringing enough pleasure to have him gritting his teeth.
            As his breathing began to steady out he realized that his dreams were getting more and more real, this time pushing him all the way over the edge. Usually he just woke up hard as stone, but this time he had actually come, simply from a dream.
            He rubbed his hand across his face, shoving it through his hair as he took another deep, steadying breath. He looked over at the sleeping woman next to him. He saw her silky blond hair, her soft pink lips with her mouth open slightly in sleep. He wondered how she'd slept through all his noise, then just decided to be grateful she had. He gently slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom to clean up.
            As he washed his face, he looked in the mirror silently willing himself to forget those fantasies. They could never be a reality. That just wasn't in the cards for him.       
            It was only as he turned to head back to bed that he realized the woman in the dream had raven black hair, not blond.       
            "Ah, fuck me," he mumbled under his breath before sneaking back into bed beside his fiancée.

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